BlueHalo Launches VigilantHalo: A Command and Control System for Uncrewed Airspace Management

BlueHalo has introduced VigilantHalo, a software-based platform designed for real-time command and control (C2) of uncrewed airspace. This system represents a significant advancement in national security and air traffic management, supporting a wide range of missions from air traffic control (ATC) to beyond visual line-of-sight (BVLOS) operations and Counter-Uncrewed Aerial Systems (C-UAS).

VigilantHalo combines radar and multi-sensor surveillance technology into a comprehensive situational awareness solution. It’s designed for disaster response, critical infrastructure defense, and can be customized for specific mission requirements. The system’s flexibility allows deployment across cloud, mobile, or fixed-site installations, addressing the evolving threats in national security and the National Airspace System (NAS).

James Batt, Chief Growth Officer at BlueHalo, emphasized the transformational impact of drones on national security, commerce, and daily life. He highlighted VigilantHalo as a crucial tool for government and industry partners to safeguard airways and communities.

The system features integrated data processing, a fusion tracker, and a communications system that enables operators to monitor and manage air traffic under various conditions. It leverages weather analytics from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and other sources to assess flight paths and identify safety risks. At its core, VigilantHalo utilizes a custom Sensor Data Processor (SDP) that integrates data from different sensors and surveillance feeds into a unified display tailored to specific missions such as ATC, BVLOS, Air Defense, and more.

BlueHalo showcased VigilantHalo’s capabilities, including BVLOS UAS mission controls and detect and avoid (DAA) functionalities, during a demonstration at Camp Atterbury, Edinburgh, Indiana. The demonstration, attended by military leaders, state officials, and industry partners, also highlighted the system’s capacity for detecting and tracking non-cooperative or hostile UAS and C-UAS. For this event, VigilantHalo was installed in a Nomad Tactical Command Vehicle to demonstrate its mobility, ease of integration, and adaptability to various mission needs.

Mary Clum, BlueHalo Sector President, stated that VigilantHalo addresses a significant need for comprehensive UAS and C-UAS airspace command and control. She emphasized BlueHalo’s commitment to meeting mission requirements through technological innovation and support for military operations.

VigilantHalo’s introduction marks a pivotal development in the management of uncrewed airspace, offering a scalable and versatile solution for current and future challenges in airspace security and control.