Drone Aviation Awarded Order to Upgrade Two WASP Aerostat Systems Operated by the U.S. Army


Drone Aviation Corp., a subsidiary of Drone Aviation Holding Corp., has been awarded an order from U.S. Government prime contractor BAE Systems to enhance and support WASP aerostat systems owned and operated by the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command Battle Lab.

The systems will be used in upcoming Department of Defense exercises, according to a news release. The upgrades will expand the WASP’s payload weight capability to integrate specialized wireless electronics, advanced optics and a communication packaged provided by L-W Communication Systems-West.

They’ll upgrade the WASP system by integrating an electro-optical and infrared imaging tactical surveillance system coupled to an L-3 CS-West communications package, according to the release. This will provide secure high-definition imagery to ground based devices.

The enhanced WASP system is expected to be delivered this month, according to the release. It will be used in a month-long exercise designed to demonstrate the enhanced battlefield capabilities the wireless-enabled WASP can provide.

The WASP is a highly tactical and mobile aerostat system that provides communications range extension that goes beyond normal tactical relay antennas, according to the release.

“The WASP system continues to advance in its evolution to potentially becoming a leading mobile tactical aerostat system for the military,” said Felicia Hess, CEO of Drone Aviation Holding Corp., according to the release. “The addition of the L-3 technology and team greatly expands the capabilities of the WASP and we look forward to working closely with our customers and new partners to provide the military with a unique solution designed to meet today’s evolving mission requirements.”