Drone Show Software Update Delivers New Moves, Improved Security

SPH Engineering has released its latest update of its Drone Show Software — described as the world’s only widely available software for drone show management and control.

Rotating dance moves, smoother movement and a virtual fence — the new Drone Show Softwareupdate focuses on making choreography even more precise, on viewer security, and on making drone shows easily integrable with other special effects included in shows.

Drone Rotation Move

A new dance type, called “R+YAW”, enables a drone to rotate around on its radial axis. The move is especially useful when drones are integrated with fireworks, making for even more impressive shows. Watch the “ahs” and “wows” of the public multiply, as firecrackers or colorful smoke generators are mounted on rotating drones.

More Trajectory Points

The update also includes an increase of the maximum number of trajectory points on the flight path – to 2000 – making the movements that create figures much smoother. This means that choreographers’ ideas will be brought to the sky with maximum precision.

Second Safety Fence

“While inventing more and more of the features that make drone shows enjoyable, we never forget to make them safe,” says Janis Kuze, sales director at SPH Engineering.The latest update introduces Secondary Fence (Hard Fence) in addition to the previous security measures. This function allows users to create a space of virtual coordinates that drones are not allowed to cross. If for any reason a flying drone reaches the Secondary fence, it automatically lands on the ground. This way the possibility of a drone flying too close to spectators is removed.