Escribano, Indra and TRC Collaborate on C-UAS Solution

Indra, Escribano and TRC have signed a partnership agreement to present a solution for counter drone (C-UAS) to meet the needs and requirements of the Spanish Armed Forces in the area of operations. The agreement provides for the formalization of a joint venture between Escribano and Indra, with TRC partnering the latter. 

Image: Indra.

The three companies have experience with the technologies in question, having worked on operationally tested C-UAS solutions for both the Air and Space Force (Indra’s CROW system to provide coverage for military bases and singular events) and the Army (for which Escribano and TRC are working on the CERVUS project for vehicle-deployed devices), as well as solutions currently involving Indra and Escribano for the Spanish Navy.

The combination and integration of their capabilities seeks to provide greater protection and security for the Spanish Armed Forces in the face of the new threats on the battlefield through a comprehensive C-UAS solution, which will be adapted for deployment and incorporation into land and naval platforms and the protection of critical infrastructures. 

This joint effort seeks to strengthen critical capabilities in a comprehensive and advanced solution to respond to the Spanish Armed Forces requirements, taking into account the specialization, operational experience and knowledge acquired during previous deployments. 

Indra and Escribano have already worked together on anti-drone systems, such as those for the European Jey-CUAS project, the proposal for the overlapping BACO project set to begin in 2025 and their participation in the future European E-CUAS project, which will also be launched in 2025. Moreover, Indra and Escribano have formalized a joint venture for the development of a directed energy laser weapon system to counteract drones (the DIAL program).

This will close the circle of cooperation that began in July 2022 at the NATO summit, when the companies were selected to showcase their different C-UAS technologies, and it will culminate with the signing of this strategic industrial partnership agreement, in which the three companies will seal their commitment to working together on the development of cutting-edge C-UAS technologies.