Felix Counter UAS System Provides Effective Protection Even on the Move

An illustration of the Felix mobile counter-UAS system, making its debut at IDEF 2023. Image courtesy of Meteksan Defence.

ISTANBUL—The Felix On-The-Move Counter UAS System, developed by Turkey’s Meteksan Defence with the experience gained from radar and electronic warfare systems, is being exhibited for the first time at IDEF 2023 here.

As a result of the project carried out by Meteksan Defence over the last few years, the development of an innovative system named Felix for the detection, tracking and neutralization of mini and micro UAVs and “kamikaze” UAVs has been completed. Felix, which can detect and jam faster UAVs from higher altitudes with its increased elevation coverage and update frequency rate, became one of the most interesting products of the IDEF 2023 exhibition on the first day, the company said.

In addition to the innovative technologies it offers, Felix is also one of the few UAV defense systems in the world market with its ability to operate on the move. With its Retinar AESA radar system customized for drone detection, an electronic attack system capable of target-specific reactive jamming, and command and control software, FELIX will be a new generation close-range air defense system that can operate even on the move, and will be a force multiplier for security units in the protection of both fixed facilities and VIP and convoy protection.

Retinar AESA, Felix’s detection and tracking system, offers increased tracking performance with high update frequency and high-performance target classification features with low-speed sensitivity. Retinar AESA, which can detect and track even on the move, can operate 24/7 without being affected by adverse weather conditions.

The electronic attack system, another component of the Felix system, creates a much wider protection area thanks to its increased jamming range compared to active jamming systems. Standing out with its broadband reactive jamming, dynamic spectrum management and target-specific jamming features, the system provides full protection to security forces even on the move.

“I can say that Felix—which we have developed with completely based on the innovative technologies we have obtained in the field of radar and electronic warfare—is a very effective system against drone and kamikaze UAV attacks, especially for VIP [and] convoy protection,” said Selçuk Kerem Alparslan, president of Meteksan Defence. “Felix, which we launched for the first time at IDEF 2023, will achieve significant success not only in Turkey but also in the world market as an innovative product.”