First Robotics & Autonomous Systems Summit Set for June 25-27 in Detroit

The Institute for Defense and Government Advancement (IDGA) has announced the first annual Robotics & Autonomous Systems Summit is taking place June 25-27 in Detroit, Michigan. This is the only event of its kind in the United States. There is no other Robotic and Autonomous Systems event that is strictly military and government focused.
This summit will bring together leaders from across all sectors of the government, as well as leading industry experts, to talk challenges, upcoming strategies, and collaboration initiatives for Robotic and Autonomous Systems.
Advancing robotics and autonomous systems has been a major initiative for the Department of Defense (DoD) for more than 20 years. These types of systems have the potential to completely change the capabilities and future strategies of DoD.

Getting new technologies in the hands of the nation’s defense will ultimately help to achieve domain superiority, freedom of maneuver, and will completely alter the way we protect our nation, according to the IDGA. For the first time, the institute is excited to bring on board senior leaders of the government and military to speak to the initiatives aligned with the RAS Strategy within the Third Offset Strategy.
Topics of discussion will include:
• Improving RAS Autonomous Capabilities
• Increasing Situational Awareness
• Advances in Artificial Intelligence
• Maximizing RAS Management
• Strengthening Human-Autonomous System Interaction
• Cyber Protection for RAS Systems
• Funding and Procurement of RAS Technology
There is no cost to attend for active military, government and law enforcement. To download the full agenda, click here.
The IDGA website features a Resource Library which includes papers on topics such as “A Timeline of the Rising Small UAS Threat” and counter-UAS efforts.