Flytrex Releases 2022 Drone Delivery Customer Trends

A Flytrex drone makes a delivery. Photo courtesy of Flytrex.

Flytrex has released its 2022 yardstick detailing customer trends across its drone delivery service in North Carolina and Texas.

The yardstick is based on 2022 data from Flytrex’s operations and highlights the company’s achievements, from volume and types of items delivered to fastest time from order to delivery. With a rapidly growing list of collaborations with leading national restaurant and retail chains, Flytrex increased its customer base seven-fold year-over-year and completed tens of thousands of deliveries in 2022.
Highlights from the 2022 Ultrafast Drone Delivery Yardstick:

• Flytrex delivered more than 85,000 items by drone across 21,350 orders.
• The average time from takeoff to delivery was 3:32 minutes.
• The fastest time from order to delivery was 12:13 minutes.
• On Oct. 14, Flytrex had a record high volume of one order every five minutes.
• Flytrex had over 4,000 unique users in 2022, a 765% increase from 2021.
• Flytrex’s biggest fan placed a total of 532 orders last year.

Sandwiches and salads made up almost a fifth, or 19.8%, of restaurant orders, with chicken and wings coming in a close second at 18.5%. The largest order was stacked with three tomato soups and one noodle soup, two Cobb salads with chicken, two BLTs and 2.5 cheese sandwiches, the company said.

“The drone delivery industry as a whole has progressed immensely over the past year, and this snapshot is a testament to its soaring future,” said Yariv Bash, CEO and cofounder of Flytrex. “We strive to provide the utmost convenience and satisfaction to everyone who uses our service, and we’re thrilled to see that our customers are as delighted and excited about drone delivery as we are. Building on this momentum, we look forward to expanding our service and eventually providing the same level of quality practicality across suburban America.”

The 2022 Yardstick’s release follows a year of significant expansion and growth for Flytrex. In March 2022, the company expanded its service from North Carolina to Granbury, Texas, just outside of Dallas-Fort Worth. In July 2022, Flytrex opened its fifth operational station, launching in Durham, North Carolina, alongside established stations in Fayetteville, Raeford, and Holly Springs. Flytrex serves over 140,000 eligible customers across suburban America, delivering food and retail goods from dozens of partnering restaurant chains and retailers.

The 2022 Yardstick is available here.