General Atomics Conducts First Flight of the Gray Eagle 25M UAV

Developed by General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI), has announced the Gray Eagle 25M UAV made its inaugural flight at GA-ASI’s El Mirage, CA flight facility on Dec. 5, 2023.

This maiden flight primarily tested critical flight operations, showcasing the GE-25M’s enhanced flight computer, which boasts a fivefold increase in processing capacity and an 80-fold increase in data storage. This upgrade, including a tenfold increase in RAM, allows for unparalleled computing power at the edge, addressing the growing needs for automation and autonomy in modern warfare.

Another highlight of the test flight was the evaluation of the aircraft’s newly developed HFE 2.0 engine and power generation systems. In collaboration with Project Manager Endurance Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (PM EUAS), the new engine design streamlines maintenance needs and virtually eliminates the requirement for overhauls, improving operational reliability and efficiency.

GA-ASI President David R. Alexander emphasized the importance of these advancements in Multi-Domain Operations (MDO). “In an MDO environment, Soldiers need the aircraft to operate with increased reliability along with reduced manning and equipment. The GE-25M is a game-changer in this regard, drastically cutting down the maintenance required,” he stated.

Beyond its enhanced performance and maintenance capabilities, the GE-25M serves as a versatile MDO platform. Its robust generators and advanced avionics enable the aircraft to function as a Multi-Domain Operations ‘truck,’ capable of deploying various advanced multi-intelligence sensors, launched effects, and electronic warfare pods.

GA-ASI’s partnership with PM EUAS introduces an open architecture for the GE-25M that is both government-owned and controlled. This design allows for seamless integration of new capabilities, ensuring adaptability to evolving threats, resilience against electronic threats, and effective deployment in austere environments.