Giant Eagle Announces Pilot Program to Deploy Tally

Tally, developed by Simbe Robotics, will ensure the Giant Eagle stores have products on the shelves, allowing associates to focus on customers instead of taking inventory.

Tally, an autonomous shelf auditing and inventory analytics solution, will now be a familiar sight in Giant Eagle stores in the Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Akron areas.

Tally, developed by Simbe Robotics, will ensure the stores have products on the shelves, allowing associates to focus on customers instead of taking inventory, according to a news release.

Through the pilot program, Tally will send detailed data reports to store teams every 30 minutes. The reports will analyze the state and availability of merchandise, helping to streamline store performance, increase customer satisfaction, grow sales and reduce operational expenses.

“When it comes to the food retail industry, shopper experience is everything,” Giant Eagle spokesperson Jannah Jablonowski said. “If a product is unavailable at the time our customer wants to buy it, we’ve missed an opportunity and disappointed our customer. Tally helps us address these challenges by providing more precise and timely analysis of the state of in-store merchandise and freeing up staff to focus on customer service and guest interaction.”

No infrastructure changes are required to incorporate Tally into the stores, and the robot can operate during normal hours—right alongside customers and employees. The system features a cloud-powered software platform and application programming interface (API).

Tally robots will travel the floors multiple times per day, scanning approximately 35,000 products across the center store grocery and health, care and beauty aisles. The robots will provide accurate inventory counts of front facing items; detect out of stock and low stock items; identify misplaced items; identity items that aren’t oriented correctly; and validate price tags.

“Giant Eagle is investing in cutting-edge inventory solutions to ensure the products customers want are where they expect them to be,” Simbe CEO and co-founder Brad Bogolea said, according to the release. “With Tally, Giant Eagle can leverage actionable data about what’s happening on shelves. Tally’s insights add immense value to Giant Eagle customers by improving their overall in-store experience, and to store teams by empowering them with frequent, accurate inventory information.”

To watch a video on the Tally robots used by Giant Eagle, click here.