iATL to Serve as Technology Hub for Connected Vehicle Safety Applications

The Infrastructure-Automotive Technology Laboratory (iATL) recently opened in Alpharetta, Georgia, and will serve as a technology hub for connected vehicle safety applications.

The 4,400 square foot facility will be used to create, develop and test these applications and is described as the first of its kind, according to a news release. Automakers will have the opportunity to create safety apps that interact with a variety of devices, including traffic signals and electronic sidewalks, while cellular network operators will be able to work out communication solutions, including 5G.

Through iATL, automakers also can test safety applications on local streets. Roadways in Alpharetta operate on a large-scale deployment of connected vehicle infrastructure technology and use a variety of communications simultaneously. These include 4G LTE, Cellular Vehicle to Everything (C-V2X), Dedicated Short Range Radio (DSRC) and 900 MHz radio, which is underwritten by the North Fulton Community Improvement District.

“The iATL is where automakers, roadway operators and technology companies can come together and make the vision of connected vehicles a reality now,” said Bryan Mulligan, President of Applied Information, according to the release. “The iATL is not just a collection of traffic devices in a laboratory, but it is embedded in an ecosystem of 125 connected intersections to test the Day One applications in real-world conditions.”