Echodyne Releases EchoDrive Radar for Autonomous Vehicles

EchoDrive, a new high-resolution imaging radar, offers cognitive sensing to autonomous vehicles. 

The radar, which Echodyne introduced at CES, features “a new type of sensor functionality that significantly enhances machine perception,” according to a news release. Built on a combination of Texas Instruments millimeter wave (TI mmWave) sensors, the company’s proprietary MESA technology, and a powerful software framework, the radar offers “real-time control over the radar’s interrogation of the drive scene.” 

The control API leverages knowledge in the AV stack, including HD maps, V2X and other sensor data to optimize measurement movement by movement through changing environments, conditions and scenarios. For example, the radar can transition from a normal drive scene to the heightened awareness required for a work zone. The high-performance analog beam-steering radar elevates the cognitive functions of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the AV stack, and that enhances safety. 

“Today, AV stacks have a one-way flow of data where sensors deliver information and the AV system processes it and takes action,” CEO Eben Frankenberg said, according to the release. “What is missing is a dynamic, interactive flow of data that makes cognitive functions possible in the AV stack. With EchoDrive, the AV system can direct the radar to interrogate specific objects to gain clarity on the driving scene for more confident AV decision making.”