Kittyhawk Launches Flight Deck

Kittyhawk’s platform now offers Flight Deck, a new feature that provides real-time in-flight controls and functionality.
Flight Deck acts as a single mobile application, connecting drone pilots and their aircraft to real-time airspace alerts and real-time coordination with headquarters, according to a news release. It automates flight logging and makes it easier for fleet managers to control operations, while also eliminating the need to toggle between apps during operations.

“As corporations start to roll out their drone operations, they are increasingly looking to consolidate hardware and software vendors,” said Colin Snow, CEO and Founder of Skylogic Research, LLC, according to a press release. “Platforms that can provide an entire workflow and integrate into existing operations become more and more valuable for large-scale UAV teams.”

Flight Deck is integrated with the AirMap platform, which allows drone operators to improve their situational awareness with real-time traffic alerts, to share their live telemetry with airports and others in the airspace, and understand and comply with airspace rules, requirements, and temporary restrictions. Operators also receive forecast updates.

Flight Deck offers a pre-flight checklist to make sure drones are ready for flight. All data from every pilot is centralized in one location and synced across all applications so everyone has access to the most up-to-date information. This solution offers benefits for a variety of drone applications in many industries, including law enforcement, oil and gas, and news gathering.

“Once a company starts operating at scale, they realize the importance of real-time data,” said Jon Hegranes, CEO and Co-Founder of Kittyhawk. “What happened last month or last week is fine for a report, but real-time telemetry and coordination with current flights is a necessity for any serious commercial operator.”

Kittyhawk’s Flight Deck functionality is free and unlimited for anyone with a DJI drone. More features and hardware partners will be announced soon.