Kratos Secures $57.6 Million Contract with US Navy for 70 BQM-177A Aerial Targets

Kratos BQM-177A Shipboard Launch. Image: Kratos.

Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. has secured a substantial $57.6 million contract extension for its Unmanned Systems Division, reinforcing its commitment to advancing the U.S. Navy’s training and evaluation capabilities through the provision of high-performance, jet-powered unmanned aerial systems. This contract modification, under a previously established firm-fixed-price agreement, authorizes the full rate production of the fifth lot of the BQM-177A Surface Launched Aerial Targets.

The contract encompasses the manufacture and delivery of 70 BQM-177A Surface Launched Aerial Targets along with 70 Rocket-Assisted Takeoff attachment kits. Additionally, it includes the supply of related technical and administrative documentation to support the Navy’s weapons system testing, evaluation, and fleet training initiatives. The BQM-177A, distinguished by its subsonic operational capabilities, is designed to offer a highly realistic simulation of peer-level aerial threats, thereby enhancing the Navy’s preparedness for contemporary and future combat scenarios.

Steve Fendley, President of Kratos Unmanned Systems Division, emphasized the BQM-177A’s pivotal role in delivering cutting-edge, threat-representative capabilities to match the evolving landscape of peer-level threats. Kratos is poised to increase the production rate of these aerial targets and is committed to continuous development in collaboration with the Navy to address the dynamism of global threats.

Greg Crewse, Program Manager for the Navy’s Aerial Targets program office (PMA-208), highlighted the strategic partnership between Kratos and the Navy in utilizing the BQM-177A to facilitate vital training exercises. These exercises are designed to rigorously prepare Navy personnel for a variety of operational scenarios, offering a cost-effective yet challenging test environment that precedes real-world engagements. This initiative underscores the growing importance of sophisticated target presentations in equipping warfighters for success in actual combat situations.

This contract signifies a significant stride towards reinforcing the U.S. Navy’s training and preparedness framework, leveraging Kratos’ innovative unmanned aerial technology to simulate complex aerial threats accurately and effectively.