Latin America’s First Electric Air Mobility Initiative Launches with Pioneering eVTOL Demonstration

Bluenest by Globalvia. Image: Globalvia.

Costa Rica is set to lead Latin America in the adoption of electric air mobility, introducing a sustainable, efficient, and innovative mode of transportation for both passengers and cargo. This shift was highlighted through a demonstration flight in Guanacaste, signaling a move towards more eco-friendly transportation methods in the region.

Bluenest by Globalvia, the innovation arm of the Globalvia Group, which specializes in transportation infrastructure management, has formed a partnership with Guanacaste Airport, operated by VINCI Airports, and Reserva Conchal, the hospitality division of FIFCO, to spearhead Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) in Latin America. This initiative reflects Costa Rica’s commitment to sustainable transport technologies, with a focus on electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles (eVTOLs), noted for their zero CO2 emissions and reduced noise levels.

The collaboration seeks to utilize eVTOLs to improve urban and peri-urban mobility throughout Costa Rica, providing services such as air taxis, emergency services, and tourist routes. This approach to mobility aims to enhance connectivity and socio-economic development, especially in remote and hard-to-reach areas, without necessitating expensive land infrastructure.

The initial demonstration featured the EH216, an unmanned eVTOL developed by EHang. The EH216’s flight from Reserva Conchal demonstrated the potential applications of this technology in Costa Rica, from improving tourist experiences with scenic flights to facilitating quick airport transfers and providing essential services to isolated areas.

This project is in line with Costa Rica’s environmental objectives and the partners’ vision for a sustainable future. It positions the country as a leader in Latin American advanced air mobility and aligns with Globalvia’s focus on sustainability and innovation, as highlighted by Fernando Vallejo Lázaro, Director of Innovation, IT, and Sustainability at Globalvia. José Ignacio Rodríguez, Manager of Bluenest by Globalvia, and César Jaramillo, General Manager of Guanacaste Airport, both underscored the project’s contribution to promoting quieter, more efficient, and sustainable mobility. Fabián Fernández, manager of Reserva Conchal’s hospitality division, emphasized the initiative’s role in reducing the ecological footprint of tourism.

The successful coordination with the General Directorate of Civil Aviation of Costa Rica and other partners paves the way for Costa Rica to lead in sustainable and innovative air mobility, potentially transforming transportation across Latin America and beyond.