Latvia and UK to Lead International Drone Capability Coalition to Support Ukraine

The UK, in partnership with Latvia, has initiated a major international coalition aimed at enhancing Ukraine’s drone capabilities. Defence Secretary Grant Shapps announced the initiative, which will provide Ukraine with thousands of advanced drones, including first-person view (FPV) drones that have demonstrated their effectiveness on the battlefield.

The initiative is a part of a broader £200 million drone package previously unveiled by the Prime Minister, aimed at boosting Ukraine’s defense mechanisms through advanced technology. These FPV drones, known for offering operators critical situational awareness and the ability to target enemy positions accurately, will now be produced at scale and at more affordable prices, thanks to a competition designed to engage Western industry strength.

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During his address, Defence Secretary Shapps highlighted the UK’s ongoing commitment to Ukraine, stating, “The UK continues to do all we can to give Ukraine what it needs – upping our aid to £2.5bn this year and committing £200m to manufacture drones, making us Ukraine’s largest drone supplier.”