Managing Non-Auterion Vehicles

With its newest release, Auterion Suite extends its support for vehicles beyond those running Auterion software onboard. Together with the new asset tracking feature, it’s easier to manage enterprise robotics program including inventory, system of events, and triggers, allowing the Suite to become the centerpiece of drone operation.

Registering a vehicle in the Auterion Suite

After registering vehicles in the Suite, flights for any vehicle can be recorded, including its pilot and assets. For vehicles running Auterion Software, automatic flight tracking can be enabled to get the data into the Suite automatically and even in real time if the vehicle is online while in the air. If the pilot forgot to log in before the flight, it’s possible to add it retroactively. 

Asset Tracking

Tracking dedicated and shared assets in the Auterion Suite

Asset tracking extends drone program management from vehicles to complete inventories. It is also the foundation for predictive maintenance. By knowing the usage of every asset, you can be proactive with the maintenance program. This is especially useful for large companies with distributed fleets and assets. Without an inventory, the asset status is invisible and virtually impossible to track.

With the Auterion Suite update, you can:

  • Track assets like batteries, propellers, controllers, parachutes, and more
  • Track which assets are used for each flight and vehicle
  • Track an asset state and manage its maintenance status