Microdrones Continues Global Growth with Australian Expansion

This month, Microdrones expanded its global footprint, with dedicated resources to support Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. The team currently consists of a sales and customer service presence and the groundwork for rapid expansion.

This comes as part of an overall global growth initiative after Microdrones added a new facility in Siegen, Germany and opened a new office in Toulouse, France, last month. Microdrones President Vivien Heriard-Dubreuil explains, “We are focusing on our commitment to develop the commercial drone business here. This region has long been a pioneer in the commercial drone industry in terms of regulatory foresight, as well as technology adoption.”

Professionals down under have been deploying Microdrones solutions for geomatics, construction, mining and inspection for more than a decade. “Our fully integrated systems have been a welcome fit in these markets, so we’re expanding our people and footprint here to become the market leader,” Heriard-Dubreuil said.

As sales manager for Microdrones in this region, Darren Wilkinson is enthusiastic about the future. “When we say that Microdrones systems are fully-integrated, that’s not a buzzword,” explains Wilkinson, adding “…the UAV, the sensors, software, hardware, workflow, training and support are all part of the package. Projects are planned and flown quickly. Data is collected and efficiently processed for visualization in popular geomatics software.”

Microdrones Global Sales Director Mike Hogan adds, “Australian customers rely on this technology daily. We’re committing people, infrastructure and time to support marketing, training, and technical support.” The company recently added Customer Support Engineer David Hobby as a dedicated resource for the region will help provide users with quick knowledge and field support.

“This is only the beginning of an aggressive plan to earn the business of this growing market of more than 1,300 professional users,” Hogan added.