Microdrones To Take Off in Vietnam

The MDLiDAR3000 aaS. Credit: Microdrones.

A well-known Hanoi-based supplier of surveying equipment, measuring devices and services is adding Microdrones surveying equipment to its portfolio.

Survey Technology & Trading Joint Stock Company (Sujcom) has been in the surveying business since 2000, supplying relevant equipment to the entire Vietnamese market and specializing in areas such as scale topography and cadastral measurement projects. “Microdrones is very well known to customers throughout the world,” said Sujcom Sales Director Nguyen Nhu Khao. “The demand for these integrated systems is increasing and we have customers from the Ministry of Defense and Vietnam’s Ministry of Agriculture and Forest Development who are interested in drone LiDAR Solutions, like the mdLiDAR1000 aaS and mdLiDAR3000 aaS, which help to generate 3D models.”

Sujcom will offer the UAV, sensors, and software and hardware to commercial users interested in surveying and mapping. Microdrones’ Integrated Systems and Sujcom’s customer service, support and quality will complement each other.

“We are excited to welcome Sujcom as the new distributor of Microdrones products,” said Syamsul Bahri, sales manager for Microdrones in Australasia. Sujcom, Bahri said, “fully understands their customers’ requirements in both budget and technical qualities. We look forward to working with them and to be a part of their success.”