Mubea Aviation Partners with Zipline to Enhance Drone Delivery with Advanced Composites

Mubea Aviation, a leader in composite manufacturing, has teamed up with Zipline to refine drone delivery systems. Their collaboration, which began in 2022, focuses on integrating carbon fiber and advanced composites into Zipline’s drones, known as Zips, to improve their performance significantly. This partnership aims to create drones that are stronger, lighter, and capable of carrying larger payloads, thanks to Mubea’s resin transfer molding process.


Liam O’Connor, Zipline’s Chief Operating Officer, highlighted the partnership’s impact on achieving essential range and safety targets for their drones. He noted in particular the importance of working with Mubea Aviation to expand access to essential services like food and medicine delivery. Mubea Aviation, with its background in the automotive industry under the Mubea Group, brings extensive experience in developing lightweight yet durable composite components to the drone industry.

Stefan Koch, Managing Director of Mubea Aviation, noted Zipline’s leading role in on-demand delivery services, with an autonomous delivery executed every 70 seconds. Zipline’s use of electric, autonomous drones represents an eco-friendly approach to delivering critical supplies. The collaboration between Mubea and Zipline reflects a shared vision for revolutionizing logistics in healthcare, retail, and food industries through autonomous technology.

Zipline has established a robust presence across four continents since its inception in 2016, delivering millions of items, including over 14 million vaccines, and accumulating over 100 million autonomous kilometers flown. The drones enhanced by Mubea’s composite technologies are in production and set to start making deliveries this year.