New Quanta Series INS/GNSS Dedicated to Mobile Mapping Presented at INTERGEO

Quanta and Quanta Extra have been developed for compact LiDAR or camera-based mobile mapping solutions. Photo: SBG Systems

SBG Systems will present for the first time at the INTERGEO show in Stuttgart (Germany), the Quanta Series, a brand new line of Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) dedicated to air and land based mobile mapping integrators.

Because SBG Systems wants surveyors to save autonomy for additional survey lines, the company has designed a small, lightweight, and low-power inertial navigation system offered on two levels of accuracy. Quanta and Quanta Extra have been developed for compact LiDAR or camera-based mobile mapping solutions. Quanta is designed to provide precise orientation and centimeter level position data delivered both in real-time and post-processing. Embedded in a UAV, this direct geo-referencing solution reduces the need of ground control points and the need of overlapping. Embedded in a car, it ensures a robust trajectory even in harsh urban conditions thanks to an advanced automotive profile with odometer aiding.

Qinertia, SBG’s post-processing software, completes the Quanta offer. It gives access to offline RTK corrections from more than 7,000 base stations located in 164 countries. Trajectory and orientation are greatly improved by processing inertial data and raw GNSS observables in forward and backward directions, according to the company. This advanced software also computes your base station position to quickly get your project to centimeter accuracy. Qinertia UAV is offered free for one year when buying a Quanta sensor for a UAV-based mobile mapping solution.

Flexible Mobile Mapping Solutions
Quanta is the result of SBG’s experience in both miniaturized technology for drone navigation and high-end sensors for mobile mapping. Designed as a geo-referencing solution, it can be integrated in an aerial or a land vehicle to geo-reference pixels or LiDAR point cloud.

Quanta benefits from a tight integration with in-house IMUs, advanced calibration techniques and algorithms which ensure a consistent behavior in all weather conditions, as well as a robust position even if the mobile mapping system gets close to buildings, electrical lines, or trees.

Quanta embeds a web interface for an easy configuration with a 3D view showing all parameters. The calibration tool automatically aligns the lever arm between the two antennas and the sensor, and re-estimates it while moving for more precision.

The ITAR Free Quanta inertial navigation systems are available for order. For more information about the Quanta Series, visit: