PDW Secures $6.9M Contract for Advanced Drone Radio System to Boost US Special Operations

PDW has been awarded a $6.9 million contract by the Special Operations Forces Acquisitions, Technology, and Logistics (SOF AT&L) office. The contract is for the delivery of Blackwave, PDW’s radio system designed to ensure reliable drone operation in environments plagued by radio frequency (RF) interference and unreliable GPS signals.

The development of Blackwave comes in response to the operational challenges highlighted by the conflict in Ukraine, where the necessity for drones to perform in contested environments has become increasingly apparent. PDW’s CEO, Ryan Gury, emphasized the importance of creating systems that can withstand the difficulties presented by such scenarios, where interference and GPS unreliability are common obstacles.

Blackwave distinguishes itself as a secure digital link, offering robust resistance against both intentional and unintentional RF interference, thereby enabling essential communications and the operation of small robotic systems even in the most challenging conditions. The system has undergone rigorous testing by the Joint Vulnerability Assessment Branch (JVAB), where it demonstrated its durability and effectiveness as a tactical wireless link.

Trevor Smith, CSO of PDW, heralded Blackwave as a pivotal innovation in radio technology that promises to usher in a new age of capabilities for American defense applications and small robotics. This collaboration between PDW and USSOCOM represents a forward leap in military technological innovation, aimed at equipping future warfighters with advanced tools necessary for success on the modern battlefield.