Skydio Enhances Defense Capabilities with New X10D Drone and Dynamic Channel Switching Technology

Skydio, a U.S. drone manufacturer known for its autonomous flight technology, has announced the commencement of X10D drone deliveries to defense and government customers in the U.S. and allied nations. The X10D, an evolution of the widely used X2D model, incorporates advanced AI and sensor technologies designed to support critical decision-making on the battlefield.

This next-generation small unmanned aerial system (sUAS) introduces dynamic channel switching, a feature that enhances wireless communication quality by automatically switching to clearer channels amidst signal interference. This capability is vital for maintaining reliable drone control and data transmission in both congested and contested airspace, ensuring that military operations can proceed without disruption.

The X10D is tailored for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) missions, offering a suite of situational awareness applications. Its design focuses on organic ISR capabilities, fortified by Skydio’s pioneering autonomous navigation system and an open, modular architecture that adapts to the dynamic needs of military operations.

A notable advancement in the X10D is the integration of NightSense technology, allowing for obstacle avoidance and autonomous operation in zero-light environments. This feature, combined with the inclusion of a Teledyne FLIR Boson+ sensor, sets a new standard for thermal imaging quality in Group 1 sUAS, enabling round-the-clock operational capabilities.

Mark Valentine, President of Global Government at Skydio, emphasized the strategic advantage provided by the X10D’s innovative features, stating, “The X10D, with dynamic channel switching and onboard AI & Autonomy, is a force multiplier for warfighters that helps them see the unseen, increasing awareness, precision, and safety.”

The X10D adheres to the Robotics and Autonomous Systems – Air (RAS-A) Interoperability Profile (IoP). The drone’s open platform and modular design also facilitate the integration of third-party and government-owned flight applications, further enhancing its utility in defense contexts.

The company’s collaboration with the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) on the Artificial Intelligence for Small Unit Maneuver (AISUM) system shows its efforts to enable efficient management of diverse drone fleets by a single operator. Additionally, the X10D’s modular ports underscore its versatility, allowing for quick attachment swaps to meet various operational demands.

As demand for advanced drone solutions continues to grow in both commercial and government sectors, Skydio has expanded its manufacturing capacity. The company’s dedication to security is reflected in its secure-by-design product development approach and compliance with the National Defense Authorization Act, ensuring reliable and secure drone technology for defense applications.

Skydio’s role as the solution provider for key U.S. military programs, including the U.S. Army’s Short Range Reconnaissance and the U.S. Marine Corps’ Short Range Short Endurance program, underscores its position as a trusted partner in enhancing military readiness and capabilities through cutting-edge drone technology.