PDW’s C100 Drone Earns Approval for Defense Innovation Unit’s Blue UAS List

PDW, a developer in unmanned aerial systems (UAS), has announced that its C100 drone has been approved for inclusion in the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) Blue UAS program. This program, initiated by the Department of Defense (DoD), evaluates commercial UAS technology for military applications.

The C100, a portable quadcopter, has been accepted into the Blue UAS program based on its flight endurance of up to 74 minutes and a payload capacity of 15 pounds. The drone offers capabilities in targeting, signals intelligence, direct effects, and last mile resupply in contested environments.

PDW CEO and Co-Founder Ryan Gury expressed the company’s commitment to DIU’s mission of delivering secured technology for operators. Gury stated that the addition of the C100 to the Blue UAS list represents a trusted and stable platform, ensuring reliability in critical situations.

PDW designed the C100 to align with military targeting methodology and support tactical fusion of operations and intelligence on the battlefield. The platform is the result of extensive research and development involving veterans, sUAS experts, and industry leaders.

The C100 boasts multiple payload bays, a modular architecture, and a total payload capacity of up to 15 pounds, allowing for flexibility in accommodating various mission sets and payloads.

PDW’s approval for the DIU Blue UAS list reflects collaborative efforts with DIU, Navy PMA-263, and Dark Wolf to provide secure and innovative solutions for the US Government. This move signifies a commitment to advancing military technology while prioritizing security and reliability.

The acceptance of PDW’s C100 on the Blue UAS list underscores the technological advancements in unmanned aerial systems for military use, emphasizing reliability and adaptability in modern warfare scenarios.