PrecisionHawk Partners with Kansas State University to Develop UAS App


PrecisionHawk and Kansas State University recently formed a research partnership to develop apps and programs designed to turn aerial images of corn into useful data about potential crop production issues.

During the four year project, the team will look at issues such as yield limiting factor and characterization of yield potential, according to a news release. A Kansas State University agronomy expert will work with researchers at K-State Salina to develop the apps and programs, which eventually will be used for other field crops as well.

“In the past years, there has been a big boom in UAS use and in the data they are collecting,” said Ignacio Ciampitti, assistant professor of agronomy and the project’s lead, according to a news release. “The key issue now is not whether this technology can collect the images we need, but how we can translate those pictures into scientifically sound and useful information. With this project we’re creating tools that farmers and agronomists can use on these pictures to get information about a crop, such as its potential productivity, and then adjust their practices based on the tools’ results.”

Researchers at the Salina campus are conducting flights to determine which video sensors and photos work best for this application, according to the release. Ciampitti is using information from the images collected to help develop algorithms, which can then be converted into computer software or apps for PrecisionHawk’s Algorithm Marketplace.

“Kansas State University has an international reputation for excellence in agricultural research and an innovative approach in adopting new technologies,” said Allison Ferguson, director of education and research partnerships at PrecisionHawk, according to the release. “Aerial data is an exciting, new component of precision agriculture, but in order to leverage its full potential, growers need more than imagery from a UAV. Through this partnership, we are committed to the development of critical decision-support tools to provide growers with information to advance agricultural productivity through the Algorithm Marketplace.”

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