Fortem Technologies and INTRA Defense Technologies Collaborate on C-UAS Solutions

Fortem Technologies, a company specializing in airspace intelligence, security, and defense for detecting and neutralizing drone threats, has announced a partnership with INTRA Defense Technology. INTRA is a Saudi-based company known for its work in the development, design, and manufacturing of autonomous systems and advanced technologies. This collaboration aims to develop, produce, and distribute advanced counter-unmanned aircraft system (C-UAS) solutions within Saudi Arabia.

Given the increasing threat posed by unmanned aerial systems (UAS), this partnership is strategic for both companies, allowing them to expand their product and solution offerings in the C-UAS market in Saudi Arabia. This market is of strategic importance to Fortem Technologies, reflecting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s focus on enhancing its air defense system production capabilities.

Jon Gruen, CEO of Fortem Technologies, expressed enthusiasm about entering the Saudi Arabian market with the support of a local partner like INTRA Defense Technologies. He highlighted the opportunity to provide state-of-the-art C-UAS solutions in a region prioritizing air defense enhancements.

Dr. Hamad Alfouzan, CEO of INTRA Defense Technologies, emphasized the significance of this partnership in addressing the growing UAV threats in the region. By combining INTRA’s expertise in UAV systems with Fortem’s specialized C-UAS solutions, the collaboration aims to strengthen regional defenses against UAV threats comprehensively.

INTRA Defense Technologies, with its focus on developing and manufacturing autonomous systems and advanced technologies, offers technological solutions across various sectors. This partnership with Fortem Technologies signifies a mutual commitment to addressing the challenges posed by unauthorized drone activities and ensuring airspace security in Saudi Arabia.