Quantum-Systems Offers New Camera Imaging System for its Mapping UAV

Quantum-Systems, a developer of eVTOL fixed-wing drones, is offering professional customers the latest payload option for its small fixed-wing Trinity F90+ mapping UAV: the MicaSense Dual Camera Imaging System.

The system incorporates two five-band cameras—the RedEdge-MX and the new RedEdge-MX Blue—that together offer more advanced remote sensing and vegetation research applications, and benefits such as streamlined integration, direct satellite and drone data comparisons and pixel aligned imagery.

Most notably, the Dual Camera Imaging System achieves double the spectral resolution with half the payload. By integrating the camera system into a small fixed-wing UAV, customers can be freed from the system limitations of a multi-copter, which was exclusively used prior to this new offering. That opens up greater possibilities for range and coverage during survey and mapping missions.

CTO Justin McAllister of Seattle-based multispectral sensor developer MicaSense said the long existing technology behind their highly integrated multispectral sensor MicaSense Altum, as well as the flexibility of Quantum-Systems’ UAVs, is what enabled the successful integration of the new system.

“While all of our sensors produce repeatable outputs with optimized GSD (resolution), the additional spectral information captured by the Dual Camera System makes it especially suited for AI/Machine Learning workflows,” said McAllister in a press release. “Now, integrated with the Trinity F90+, the combined solution offers customers the utmost capability in plant canopy analysis and classification tasks over large areas.”

The solution completes Quantum-Systems’ existing portfolio of camera payloads for its eVTOL fixed-wing UAVs, which combine the convenient handling benefits of a helicopter with the sophisticated value-added aerodynamics of an airplane.

The press release indicated there’s no need for customers to make any technical changes to their Trinity F90+ UAVs. There will be a corresponding update via the QBase 3D mission control system ahead of the planned launch at the end of May 2020, which is when the MicaSense Dual Camera System will be available for order through Quantum-Systems partners around the world.