Press Release: NovAtel Hails Declaration of Galileo Initial Services

(Calgary, Canada; December 15, 2016)  As a leading provider of GNSS positioning solutions incorporating Galileo technology, and a long-time participant in Europe’s space navigation programs, NovAtel extends our heartfelt congratulations to the European Space Agency (ESA), European Commission (EC) and European GNSS Agency (GSA) upon the launch of Galileo Initial Services.

President and CEO of NovAtel, Michael Ritter stated, “Today’s declaration of the availability of the first three Galileo services — the Open Service, Public Regulated Service, and Search and Rescue Service — confirms the stalwart and persevering leadership that this trio of agencies has provided over the years of the system’s development. It also validates the confidence of the program’s supporters that Europe would join the world’s operators of global navigation satellite systems.”

NovAtel‘s high precision GNSS receivers, antennas and certified ground-reference station receivers have supported Galileo signals in anticipation of the complete constellation. In addition we are now broadcasting Galileo Precise Point Positioning (PPP) corrections through our TerraStar correction services. Our OEM customers are already benefiting from the enhanced reliability, availability and accuracy the Galileo constellation adds to the GNSS.

We would like to invite product developers, system integrators, and end users of GNSS technology to attend an upcoming webinar on December 19, sponsored by NovAtel and Inside GNSS magazine, which will explore how Galileo will improve the GNSS user community in Europe and around the world. The webinar will feature speakers from ESA, EC and GSA. More information about the webinar can be found at