Ready for the Future of Aviation

Volz Servos and AEE combine their industry-leading capabilities to meet the future demand for certified actuator

Volz Servos has recently acquired Aircraft Electronic Engineering (AEE), an EASA approved production (Part 21G), maintenance (Part 145), and alternative design organisation (Part 21O). 

Volz is best known as a leading manufacturer of electromechanical actuators for unmanned aerial vehicles. Whenever and wherever performance, robustness and reliability are required, Volz’ products are the preferred solution.

AEE is a specialist avionics company that was founded in 1987. It develops, qualifies, certifies, produces, and maintains customer-specific electronics and systems (hardware and software) for the aircraft industry according to key regulations (RTCA DO-160, RTCA DO-178 up to DAL A, RTCA DO-254, etc.) including CoC, EASA-Form-One (PO/DO) or ETSO approval. 

In providing actuators for various leading projects in the UAM / AAM market, Volz has decided to add the capabilities of AEE to its portfolio in order to meet the future requirements of the market for certifiable actuators. With their combined expertise Volz and AEE are able to offer significant value to not only the fast-growing world of eVTOL aircraft, but many other current and future aviation markets also.