Terra Drone Japan and Plimsoll UAV in Brazil Join to Establish Terra Drone Brazil

Terra Drone Japan and Plimsoll UAV in Brazil are joining to establish Terra Drone Brazil. Photo courtesy of Terra Drone.

Terra Drone Japan  and Plimsoll UAV have joined forces to establish a joint venture called Terra Drone Brazil.

Terra Drone Ltd. is a Japan-based UAV company designed to serve its clients with safer and more efficient surveys and inspections by using cutting-edge drone technologies. Plimsoll UAV, in which Terra Drone has acquired a major stake, is a leading drone service provider in Brazil. Plimsoll UAV is specialized in the inspection of Floating Production Storage and Offloading System (FPSO) among Oil & Gas (O&G) fields.

Brazil has the largest number of FPSO in the world. With this agreement, the companies are capable of providing the most updated technical know-how of 3D surveying and hard & soft technology to enhance the wide network in Brazil that has been established by Plimsoll UAV. Thus, this new partnership will bring the latest technology to customers, providing benefits to their needs and delivering world-class service to clients in Brazil, according to a press release.

With this new joint venture, Terra Drone Brazil will be able to enhance technical solutions for O&G industries in Brazil and to extend them further for exploring utility networks, cell towers, and mining through the usage of geographic information system (GIS). Terra Drone will continue to generate aerial innovations.

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