Topcon Edition Provides Added Value for the Intel Falcon 8+ Drone

Topcon Positioning Group announced today the Intel Perpetual License Inspection-Surveying provision for the Intel®Falcon™ 8+ Drone – Topcon®Edition will now be included with the system.

“Professional operators will no longer need to purchase the license separate from the drone, which will result in significant cost savings and added value for their investment,” said Charles Rihner, vice president of planning for Topcon Emerging Business. The perpetual license will include flight planning using desktop software, quick survey flights — allowing planning of automated flights in the field, waypoint and path recording without an automated process to repeat the flight, and automated Circle of Interest flights for systematic image capture around an object.

“We are excited to provide operators with this significant cost savings and added value through the license provision update,” said Rihner.

The Intel Falcon 8+ Drone – Topcon Edition is designed to provide consistent, stable flights in the face of external influences such as weak GPS signals and high winds as well as providing resistance to magnetic field disturbances. “Lightweight with the best weight-to-payload ratio for efficient flights, it allows the operator to collect incredibly accurate, high-quality, geo-referenced, actionable data, while operating in challenging environments,” Rihner said in a press release.