Verizon Frontline Enhances Crisis Response with AI-Enabled Skydio X10 Drone

The Verizon Frontline Crisis Response Team has elevated its operational capabilities by integrating the Skydio X10, an AI-enabled drone, into its primary toolkit. Chris Sanders, a senior manager at Verizon Frontline, highlighted the drone’s capacity for full or partial autonomous flight, streamlining the process of sharing critical video streams with agencies during emergency responses. The introduction of the X10 signifies a significant upgrade to Verizon Frontline’s fleet, promising a new level of flexibility and advanced operational abilities for future crises.

Designed to support a wide range of operations, including search and rescue, thermal mapping, and enhancing situational awareness during emergencies, the Skydio X10 stands out with its rapid deployment time of under 40 seconds, a maximum flight speed of 45 mph, and a 40-minute flight endurance. Its advanced sensor package, featuring telephoto, narrow, and radiometric thermal cameras, is optimized for low-light conditions. Notably, the X10 is the market’s sole drone equipped with NightSense technology, enabling autonomous flight and obstacle avoidance even in complete darkness, ensuring that crisis response efforts can proceed around the clock.

Callan Carpenter, Chief Revenue Officer at Skydio, expressed pride in the collaboration with Verizon Frontline, acknowledging the X10’s role in bolstering the capabilities of first responders during critical situations. Skydio’s commitment to delivering advanced autonomous drone technology aims to support the demanding conditions faced by crisis response teams.

Cory Davis, vice president of Verizon Frontline, underscored the company’s dedication to equipping its teams with the latest technology to support public safety partners effectively. The addition of the Skydio X10 to Verizon Frontline’s drone fleet is expected to enhance the comprehensive capabilities of the Crisis Response Team, reinforcing Verizon Frontline’s commitment to delivering the sophisticated network and technological support relied upon by over 37,000 public safety agencies nationwide.

Verizon Frontline Crisis Response Team provides essential, on-demand emergency support to government agencies and emergency responders, offering services like portable cell sites, Wi-Fi hotspots, and charging stations at no cost to the supported agencies, ensuring effective communication and network performance enhancement during crisis situations.