Xsens Launches MTi, A New Family of Motion Trackers

Xsens recently launched its fourth generation of MTi motion trackers.

The new series includes complete, self-contained 3D IMU/VRU/AHRS motion tracking modules for high volume industrial and prosumer applications, according to a news release.

The economical motion trackers incorporate the “latest in advanced sensor fusion and miniature MEMS technologies,” according to the release. They are individually calibrated and tested to make them easy to implement.

The communication protocol and API is the same for all Xsens products in the portfolio, making it easy to integrate the MTi 1-series, the MTi 10-series and the MTi 100-series, according to the release.

The MTi 1-series is a 12x12x2.5 mm PLCC28-compatible module that can output orientation, acceleration, rate of turn and magnetic field from its I2C, SPI or UART interfaces. The MTi 1-series offers accuracy of 1 deg RMS for roll and pitch, according to the release, and features a signal processing pipeline and an XKF3 sensor fusion algorithm that makes it suitable for a variety of applications, including robotics and UASs.

The module’s onboard processing reduces the load on the application processor, according to the release, lowering the overall power consumption of the end system, while consuming less than 45 mW. The MTi 1-series is CE and FCC-certified.

For more information visit xsens.com.