Airborne Response, Edgybees and UgCS to Provide UAS Software for Hurricane Florence Responders

MIAMI – As potentially devastating major Hurricane Florence approaches the U.S. mid-Atlantic coast, UAS-based disaster response experts Airborne Response has partnered with Edgybees, the creators of Edgybees First Response Suite, and SPH Engineering, the developers of UcGS flight control software, to provide emergency personnel with cutting-edge aerial search and rescue (SAR) software for drone operations.

The combined team effort is designed to help first responders using unmanned aircraft systems conduct more effective SAR operations in areas devastated by wind, rain, and flooding from the storm. The Edgybees, UgCS and Airborne Response teams will work around the clock to help public safety remote pilots in the path of Hurricane Florence to activate the software and begin planning search and rescue operations that can be launched as soon as weather conditions allow.

“Edgybees First Response was specifically created to help remote pilots conduct effective search and rescue operations during a major disaster like Hurricane Florence,” says Christopher Todd, president, Airborne Response. “UgCS is the world’s premier flight control software which allows UAS operators to execute professional search patterns. Each of these tools can be extremely valuable to flight teams conducting SAR missions in the wake of the storm.”

Edgybees technology is designed to empower first responders to understand any emergency operational scene instantly with real-time, collaborative visual intelligence technology. The software allows responders operating drones to easily decipher street names, general locations, and even house addresses through Edgybee’s augmented reality platform which overlays onto a video feed from a drone.

UgCS provides operators with a variety of quickly customizable, professional search patterns that can be easily deployed in for emergency flight operations. Based on the flight altitude input by the operator, the UgCS software will automatically calculate key variables such as the course heading and track spacing necessary to provide the prescribed coverage area for a search target.

“We’ve tested these systems and they work,” states Todd. “When effectively used, this technology can save the lives of victims who are in distress and need to be rescued.”

All three companies have committed to having support personnel accessible throughout the response phase of the storm to assist first responders with activating and using the software for flight operations.

“We will have subject matter experts standing by ready to assist any agency who needs support installing, activating, and using Edgybees and UgCS for their flight operations,” says Todd.

Accredited public safety agencies and other search and rescue organizations responding to Hurricane Florence can receive additional information and request software activation keys by visiting