Amimon Releases Connex ProSight for FPV Drone Racing

Amimon recently released a product that is set to “revolutionize” drone racing.

Operators need access to clear, real-time images during these races, which isn’t happening with current products on the market, said David Shefler, Amimon’s Vice President, Global Sales and Business Development. First generation analog FPV products are known for their fuzzy images and jammed frequencies, making it difficult for pilots to see.

That’s why Amimon developed the CONNEX ProSight HD Vision Kit, an all-digital, HD solution designed to improve the first-person view (FPV) and the overall drone racing experience, according to a news release.

“This is the equivalent of moving from fuzzy, unreliable and limited analog TV to mind-blowing HD digital broadcasting,” Amimon CEO Ram Ofir said, according to the release. “For FPV drone racing, every millisecond and image detail matters and the ProSight solution takes the flying experience to a whole different level. By combining HD quality, latency-free transmission and unencumbered digital connectivity, we are enabling a new level of immersive experience and precision vision that truly revolutionizes the sport.”

The kit includes easy-to-install components and works with all standard HDMI goggles. The small, integrated 720p HD zero-delay camera provides high dynamic range (HDR), 105 degree FOV, and is optimized for FPV use indoors or outdoors.

The on-board transmitter features low power consumption and two MMCX antenna connectors for advanced MIMO transmission, while the ground unit receiver offers five antennas. It also comes with Bluetooth for configuration with Android and iOS Apps.

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