Aquabotix Launches the Integra AUV/ROV

The new Integra AUV/ROV (autonomous underwater vehicle/remotely operated vehicle) from Aquabotix is single person deployable and designed for a variety of sectors, including research, environmental assessment, law enforcement and defense.

The second generation hybrid underwater vehicle is powered via a lithium ion battery, making it possible for users to efficiently complete multiple underwater missions, according to a news release. It can be configured with multiple sensors and maneuvered with an intuitive platform that’s accessible from Web-enabled devices.

“Our second-generation hybrid, the Integra, leverages the strongest innovative capabilities of both types of underwater vehicles,” Chief Technology Officer Durval Tavares said, according to the release. “Yet in utilizing our hybrid digital platform, users no longer need two vehicles to explore and conduct tasks underwater.”

The portable system can search wide areas when in AUV mode and conduct detailed inspections in ROV mode. The vehicle is tethered in AUV mode and untethered in ROV mode. Users can switch between AUV and ROV mode by attaching the tether.

“With the Integra Hybrid AUV/ROV, we have added more functionality to a single vehicle,” CEO David Batista said, according to the release. “Because this vehicle has the brain power to conduct autonomous missions as well as detailed inspections in a single setting, operators have immediate and complete control.”