Audience Gives It Up for GIVE, the GNSS/Inertial Vehicular Engine

“The results with consumer-grade sensors were extremely impressive!” That unsolicited rave came in after the webinar, Automotive-Grade GNSS + Inertial for Robust Navigation. “It was like attending a lecture from informed experts. Thank you!”

Attendees learned about under GNSS-centric and inertial-centric navigation options:

  • Low-cost GIVE using consumer-grade IMU and GNSS chipsets for accurate navigation in urban canyons, tunnels and parking structures;
  • tightly coupled MEMS accelerometers and gyros with dual-frequency GNSS, RTK corrections and a wheel-pulse, or with single-frequency GNSS for untethered dead reckoning;
  • for deep underground, a wheel-mounted IMU providing bias-free data, road-quality measurements and instantaneous wheel dynamics estimation.

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