AUVSI Announces Green UAS Certification for Skyfront Perimeter 8+ Drone

A Skyfront Perimeter 8 UAS, the first to receive the “Green UAS Cleared” drone security certification. Photo courtesy of AUVSI.

ARLINGTON, Virginia—AUVSI today announced it has awarded Green UAS certification to the Skyfront Perimeter 8 and 8+ long-endurance, hybrid-electric unmanned aircraft systems.

The platform is the first to complete the program’s compliance testing and receive the “Green UAS cleared” designation, which assesses and verifies commercial drones meet the highest levels of cybersecurity and National Defense Authorization Act supply chain requirements.

The Green UAS certification process included a review of Perimeter 8 and 8+’s product security, including all components and subcomponents, remote operations security, supply chain risk management and a review of Skyfront’s corporate cyber hygiene.

“Customers are more aware than ever about the value drones can provide in their operations—but so too are they more aware than ever about possible cybersecurity challenges autonomous systems pose to organizations,” said Troy Mestler, CEO of Skyfront. “Skyfront is proud to offer the first platform to pass the Green UAS certification process, which was rigorous and detailed. We look forward to demonstrating the advantages the Perimeter 8 can provide to users in need of a broad mission-set system that can carry large payloads for long durations with the highest security assurances available.”

Customers in the commercial, civil and non-defense government sectors—including federal and state agencies, law enforcement and first responders, and industrial enterprise—are increasingly relying on commercial, off-the-shelf drones to conduct critical operations. Green UAS certification is intended to provide these customers with a high level of trust and the same security assurances as the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU)’s Blue UAS certification for the platforms or components they purchase.

“AUVSI commends Skyfront for successfully designing, manufacturing and obtaining certification for a drone that meets the highest levels of cyber and supply chain security,” said Michael Robbins, Chief Advocacy Officer at AUVSI. “With more than a dozen other companies in various stages of the review process, the Perimeter 8 and 8+ will be the first of many Green UAS certifications to come. We anticipate a robust government and commercial marketplace for secure platforms on the Green UAS cleared list as more platforms are certified in the months ahead.”

The Green UAS framework is built off the Blue UAS certification program but is designed for customers who do not immediately require a Department of Defense authority to operate. Green UAS cleared drones can benefit from a streamlined pathway from Green to Blue if a DOD sponsor is secured.

Green UAS certification is part of AUVSI’s broader Trusted Cyber Certification program, which focuses on systems in the air, ground and maritime domains. The AUVSI Trusted program will also be expanded to include certifications for specific user industries or system domains.