DTC and Inertial Labs Announce Partnership to Enhance Uncrewed Systems Navigation

Domo Tactical Communications (DTC) and Inertial Labs, Inc. have entered into a partnership to develop an integrated solution aimed at improving navigation and control for uncrewed systems. This collaboration aims to combine DTC’s expertise in wireless IP mesh technology with Inertial Labs’ navigation solutions that are independent of GNSS, offering a comprehensive navigation, command and control (C2), and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) system for UxV manufacturers and users globally.

The new system will integrate DTC’s MANET Mesh with MeshUltraTM family waveforms and Inertial Labs’ inertial navigation systems (INS), creating a robust solution capable of operating in hostile RF environments and GNSS-contested scenarios. This includes situations where space-based positioning is compromised due to jamming, spoofing, or obstructed sky views, ensuring reliable operation of uncrewed vehicles.

Rob Garth, Business Unit Director for Unmanned Systems at DTC, highlighted the goal of the partnership to maintain connectivity across various conditions, emphasizing the combined solution’s potential to expedite market entry for customers and enhance beyond-line-of-sight connectivity.

Jamie Marraccini, President and CEO of Inertial Labs, also commented on the collaboration, noting DTC’s proven track record in delivering critical communication solutions for unmanned systems. By integrating Inertial Labs’ navigation capabilities with DTC’s advanced radio and mesh-based ranging technology, the partnership aims to offer a solution set optimized for challenging GNSS-contested environments.