FIXAR equips outdoor UAVs with the BlackBox for safer sky

From September 2021, FIXAR is equipping all its outdoor drones with the additional FIXAR BlackBox system for UAV flight data logging, enabling increased traceability and accountability of the aircraft and contributing to safer air traffic.

The FIXAR BlackBox is an extended feature that allows the system to record complete and detailed information of onboard flight activities and parameters. It is an advanced logging system capable of recording and storing settings, missions, sensor data, user commands, automatic control and payload information.

The FIXAR BlackBox consists of a lightweight separate module that records all flight data into technical logs and LogExport software to process these logs for user purposes. This feature allows geotagging to be available to operators at any time, even if the drone is powered off. The drone user or any other party is not able to interfere or modify the logged data, and data extraction from the device is performed wirelessly for an effortless process.

The main objective of the BlackBox is to increase safety by providing detailed data for mission analysis, identifying faults in case of incidents and contributing to more efficient monitoring and problem-solving and overall UAV industry security and development.

“The number of unmanned aircrafts filling the sky is increasing and alarming the necessity for safe and reliable solutions to trace and keep the vehicles accountable,” Vasily Lukashov, founder and CEO at FIXAR, said. “The BlackBox is the answer–data logs of the device serve as a main source of expertise in the event of an incident and allows storing and analyzing the statistics of flight and fault tolerance often requested by regulators.”

Apart from its main objective—to offer additional safety and flight data storage tasks—the BlackBox is a valuable and practical back-up system for the collected data by the payload, whether laser scanner, video or photo camera. The metadata of the mission can be exported using LogExport software with no data loss.


FIXAR is a leading software and design developer, powering commercial autonomous UAVs for industrial applications. Founded in 2018 by aerospace engineer Vasily Lukashov, the company holds a unique patented design that is simpler and more reliable than other configurations. The company is present in 20+ countries around the globe and serves more than 40 end-customers through the network of distribution partners.