Kongsberg Geospatial Announces New Tactical UAS Sensor Data Management Solution

MIDAS provides the capability to process, exploit, and distribute (PED) sensor data from Tactical UAVs in a portable package that can be deployed at the front lines.

Kongsberg Geospatial, creators of the TerraLens geospatial map-engine Software Development Kit (SDK), announced today the release of the Modular ISR Data Analysis and Storage (MIDAS) solution.  MIDAS was developed to provide a rapid capability for the exploitation and further distribution of drone sensor data.

Kongsberg Geospatial’s MIDAS addresses the “lack of standards” problem that the vast majority of Tactical UAVs encounter – no standards-compliant PED capability for their organic sensor data.  MIDAS provides a fully standards-compliant system that allows intelligence analysts to exploit sensor data in near real-time, from where the drone is being operated – without having to wait for post mission analysis from headquarters.

Kongsberg MIDAS is derived from leading-edge technologies delivered for the NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance (AGS) project which required the storage and retrieval of vast amounts of intelligence data for Intelligence Analysts.  MIDAS has packaged these strategic capabilities into a tactical and portable form factor to enables those same strategic PED capabilities to be deployed and given to the front-line warfighter to increase his/her situational awareness.

MIDAS enables the monitoring of the current mission sensor feeds and permits comparative analysis against legacy sensor feeds from the same search area.  Providing this capability at the tactical level will reduce the current connectivity reliance and wait times associated with higher-level headquarters decisions.  This ability will dramatically shorten the sensor-to-shooter decision-action cycle.

Tactical UAV operators in the field create vast quantities of sensor data that require analysis but typically suffer from bandwidth limitations to share this data with “enterprise” resources needed to create intelligence products.  Additionally, due to lack of standards and tools for sensor analysis, a large percentage of tactical Full-Motion Video (FMV) and other sensor data is unexploited and unrecorded.

“Tactical UAVs don’t fly for the sake of flying, they are tasked to collect sensor data and we’re proud to be part of the critical role of rapid intelligence creation using that data”, said Ranald McGillis, President, Kongsberg Geospatial.  “Our MIDAS system draws on our technical legacy with NATO projects to create a world leading capability to exploit drone sensor data.”