OxTS Launches A New Inertial System, xOEMcore


The xOEMcore inertial system from Oxford Technical Solutions, or OxTS, is designed to be used in conjunction with other positioning systems and to improve system performance. It can be connected to an indoor Wi-Fi positioning system for faster updates with no dropouts or jumps.

A MEMS-based inertial measurement unit makes up the xOEMcore, according to a news release, and is said to offer low error growth. Mathematics for integrating the inertial measurement unit is included, along with sensor fusion algorithms designed to minimize inertial drift. The sensor fusion comes with GNSS processing, wheel speed odometer, car models and zero velocity updates.

Heading, pitch and roll are accurate to 0.05° and position better than 2cm using GNSS, according to the release.

When combining two sensors to achieve better positioning, xOEMcore provides a framework designed to overcome timing differences and sample rate mismatches. It uses measurements from other sensors when possible and navigates autonomously when they are not.

For more details visit oxts.com.