Panoptes Systems Demonstrates the New eBumper4 at AUVSI

ebumperPanoptes, a subsidiary of Aurora Flight Sciences, showed AUVSI attendees just how the new eBumper4 obstacle avoidance system can keep UASs from hitting objects in their path. 

The company demonstrated the eBumper4 in the Robots in Action section of the exhibit hall, an area used for a variety of demonstrations throughout the show.

The eBumper4 is the first sonar-based small drone obstacle avoidance system. It uses four sensors to provide the UAS with information about its physical environment. When it senses an obstacle, it bumps off the obstacle, keeping the UAS from crashing into it. This enables the pilot to safely navigate the drone away from the obstacle. The eBumper 4 can be used to help UASs avoid obstacles in a variety of applications, including inspection.

The eBumper4 represents the company’s first product offering of this type, but they plan to continue to improve the technology to help keep drone operation safe. The system is currently available for the DJI Phantom 2 Line and 3DR Iris.

If you’re at the show visit the Aurora Flight Sciences booth for more information, or check out

Other companies have provided demonstrations during the show, including Lockheed Martin, SenseFly and CyPhy works.