Percepto Introduces Autonomous Sparrow Drones for Security, Safety and Inspection in Australia

Photo courtesy of Percepto.

After completing a series of successful flights in Canberra, Percepto has now officially launched its autonomous Sparrow drones for security, safety and inspection missions in Australia.

During the demonstration, Percepto highlighted how the UAS can deliver value across a range of industrial and enterprise applications in industries that include mining, oil and gas, renewable energy, utilities, and port and sea terminals, according to a news release. The Percepto solution delivers fully autonomous real-time human/vehicle detection and tracking, thermal inspection, gas/oil leak detection, 2-D mapping, 3-D modelling and fence and property patrols—all without a need for a pilot or on-site operator.

The Sparrows come equipped with high-definition and thermal cameras to enable day and night flights. They’re designed to perform in a variety of weather conditions including rain, snow and dust. The systems can take-off on-demand or at scheduled times and navigate pre-defined routes.

Once a mission is complete, the Sparrow returns to its base station, which is a secure enclosed weather-proof box. Automated post flight checks and battery changes are completed from the box. The drone-in-a-box solution is powered by computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) and provides communications over LTE.

The Percepto demonstration coincided with Google announcing its first commercial drone delivery service, which also was launched in the Australian capital in April.

“With Australia already breaking new ground in the adoption and application of commercial drones, we are excited that our market-leading technology is now widely available here,” Percepto CEO Dor Abuahsira said, according to the release. “We look forward to working closely with our partners, industry and enterprises across Australia, to discover new and innovative ways the Percepto Solution can be deployed.”

Click here to watch a video from Percepto.