Swift Navigation Partners with Arm to Bring Precise Positioning Tech to Autonomous Vehicle Compute Platforms

San Francisco-based tech firm Swift Navigation, a provider of GNSS positioning technology for autonomous vehicles, has announced a partnership with Arm, a global company in semiconductor IP. The partnership means Arm will offer Swift Navigation’s high-integrity, high-accuracy GNSS positioning solutions as an option on Arm-based platforms to developers of autonomous and connected vehicles.

Standard GNSS positioning is three to five meters in depth which is not suitable for safety-critical systems requiring lane-level accuracy. For higher levels of autonomous capability, a vehicle needs to be able to determine its absolute location. To achieve this, high-precision localization is needed to get to accuracy down to the centimeter. Swift’s partnership with Arm will deliver a high-integrity, high-accuracy GNSS positioning solution for silicon makers and Tier 1 and 2 auto suppliers to integrate precise positioning into the sensor suite, according to the companies. Swift Navigation’s Starling is a GNSS positioning engine designed for just such automotive and autonomous vehicle applications. Starling’s software enhances the measurements for commercially available GNSS receivers to provide true precision and integrity capabilities. Starling is receiver-agnostic, so it is well suited for Arm customers as it works with a variety of automotive grade chipsets and inertial sensors.

Swift and Arm are working together to provide developers of autonomous and connected vehicles a cost-effective, scalable and high-integrity positioning solution. Starling is designed to be compatible with industry leading silicon makers who build their solutions on Arm. Starling works with a variety of GNSS measurements engines and is a hardware proven, end-to-end solution, tunable for the specific requirements of a customer’s platform. This partnership elevates the capabilities of the connected car and simplifies the integration of high-precision GNSS into Tier 1 and 2, Silicon and Platform and Automotive OEM vendors.

“We are pleased to join the ecosystem of Arm technology partners to deliver precise positioning solutions to its automotive and autonomous vehicle customers,” said Timothy Harris, Chief Executive Officer of Swift Navigation. “This partnership opens up a broader audience of customers who can benefit from Swift’s positioning technology and builds on our mission to enable a future of autonomous vehicles.”

“As we strive toward an autonomous future, the requirements of the automotive market are changing, and a more solution-based approach is needed,” said Dipti Vachani, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Automotive and IoT line of Business, Arm. “The combination of Arm IP uniquely designed for automotive and Swift’s GNSS solution gives our partners another key component on the road to the effective deployment of autonomous vehicles at scale.”

Available for purchase today for Arm-based processors, the Starling positioning engine provides a rapid deployment, low total cost of ownership solution to enable widespread adoption of ADAS, connected car, C-V2X and autonomous solutions.

Interested parties should visit arm.com/products/other/swift-starling-positioning-engine to get more information on using the Starling positioning engine on Arm-based devices.