Tyto Robotics Releases New Drone Test Stand: The Flight Stand 15/50

Flight Stand 15 (left) and Flight Stand 50 (right)

Tyto Robotics has officially released the long-anticipated ‘Flight Stand’, the newest piece of equipment in their line of drone test stands. The ‘Flight Stand’ is part of a new generation of products with enhanced capabilities that succeed their Series 1580 and 1780 test stands.

The Flight Stand is available in two sizes: a 15 kgf and a 50 kgf model. The stand measures thrust, torque, RPM, power, efficiency and more for brushless motors and propellers. It can help users increase flight time, payload, range, reliability, and structural strength, as well as reduce noise level, vibration, and icing.

The stand boasts several improvements over past generations, including a higher sampling rate (1,000 Hz), improved accuracy, an ASTM calibration standard, and the ability to perform distributed electric propulsion (DEP) testing. The physical shape of the stand has also been reimagined to improve its aerodynamics and make the exposed elements dust and water resistant. What remains from previous generations is Tyto’s flagship frictionless design, made with a solid state monoblock load cell for maximum measurement accuracy.

“The idea is to reduce uncertainty when it comes to propulsion testing”, says Tyto President Charles Blouin, “with the real-time and DEP testing, you know exactly how your propulsion systems are operating at all times.

The software used to control the test stand also has several new features, including automated testing with no programming required, novel powertrain mapping, a data management system with indexes, plots, tables, filtering, resampling capability, and much more. “The new software was built based on 7 years of feedback from thousands of users. It has many features that were specifically requested by our clients”, says Tyto Robotics CTO Dominic Robillard.

Tyto Robotics has several units of the stand in stock despite global material shortages. The stands are built in Canada at Tyto Robotics’ Gatineau facility and they will be available for direct sale in most countries, and from distributors in several other countries to provide better local support. Most tools can be shipped the next day.

More information about the Flight Stand’s specifications are available on Tyto Robotics’ website.