UAV Factory launches new division


UAV Factory recently launched the Octopus ISR Systems division and released the Epsilon 140, a dual-sensor gyro-stabilized gimbal.

The new division offers ISR solutions that consist of Epsilon gimbals, IP datalinks, tracking antennas and ground control stations, according to a news release. The Epsilon 140 is the division’s first release and features an automatic moving target indication function, a nighttime surveillance range of up to 2,000 m with its 60-mm IR lens, and other critical functions for surveillance and observation.

“After the development of our flagship system Penguin C, we realized that there was a lack of advanced imaging payloads for small UAVs that were capable of delivering well-stabilized images on high-vibration platforms,” UAV Factory CEO Konstantins Popiks said, according to the release. “As a result, we decided to take the challenge and develop a working solution ourselves, and from mid-2013, we invested in engineering efforts to see if it was possible to develop better products than those that were available on the market.”

Epsilon gimbals like the 140 are known for their extensive use of the onboard processing unit to help make the operator more efficient while reducing costs and saving time. Using onboard processing makes a variety of functions possible, such as target tracking, scene steering and moving target indication. It also reduces the bandwidth required.

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