UAVOS Develops Auto-Tracking Antenna System for Drones

The tracking antenna makes long-range data transmission possible. Photo: UAVOS.

UAVOS recently introduced its Auto-Tracking Antenna System, a portable ground-to-air antenna that is designed to incorporate UAS.

The tracking antenna makes long-range data transmission possible, according to a news release. When combined with the company’s ground control unit, the system “significantly increases the quality and range of stable communication transmission.”

The system features two communication channels with different types of antennas. The first antenna, telemetry radio link, works at 900 MHz frequency and has a range of 100 kilometers. The second antenna offers high-speed video communication with a data transfer rate up to 25 Mbit/s.

Users can install different modems and different antennas, allowing the turntable system to automatically orient the installed antennas to aircraft.

“Our customers require a system that is simple to put together, turn on, and works,” said Aliaksei Stratsilatau, UAVOS Chairman of the board and lead developer, according to the release. “They want to achieve high data-rates and reliable HD video transmission. New Tracking Antenna System enables video streaming out to distances of up to 100 kilometers while maintaining high throughput and strong signal strength. The Auto-Tracking Antenna System delivers a versatile solution for a truly networked unmanned aircraft.”

The portable, lightweight system can be assembled and deployed in less than 15 minutes. It breaks down into eight parts and fits into most standard-sized SUVs.