Dual Channel RTK for UAS Webinar Slated for Sept. 11

Today, high-precision GNSS technology is integrating with autopilot for guidance and control solutions for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) to deliver new and expanding capabilities all the time.

One of just many examples of this integration took place earlier this year with the announcement that MicroPilot and Trimble were teaming up to provide precision GNSS for UAVs. Now the two companies will take part in the upcoming webinar: Dual Channel RTK for UAS: State of the Art & Science in Capabilities and Benefits. The webinar moderator will be James Poss, Major General, USAF (ret), ISR Ideas, and the Sept. 11event will also include discussions on autopilot enablement, precision landing and drone based 3D imaging.

The panel of experts for the webinar are Stuart Riley, Director of Engineering, Trimble; Jay Tilley President and CTO of Visual Intelligence; and Howard Loewen, President at MicroPilot.

To learn about the latest in the art and science of this dual channel RTK technology and how to benefit the most when integrating guidance, navigation and control systems for a wide variety of UAS platforms, join us on Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2018 from 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM CDT when our panel of experts will address these topics in a FREE web seminar sponsored by Trimble. Inside Unmanned Systems and sister publication Inside GNSS are also sponsoring the event.

Trimble is a leader in high-precision GNSS solutions for system integrators and OEMs. With robust centimeter-level, real-time kinematic (RTK) positioning capabilities, the company’s multi-constellation GNSS receivers are capable of tracking signals from GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou. Trimble GNSS receivers are used in a wide variety of applications ranging from port automation and robotics to autonomous vehicle guidance.

MicroPilot develops and manufactures high-reliability autopilots for UAVs, including the triple redundant MP21283X. In addition, MicroPilot produces a number of support products, which enable customers to use their development time as efficiently as possible and bring their products to market faster. These products include the trueHWIL2, the highest fidelity UAV autopilot simulator available, and the XTENDERmp software development kit.

Visual Intelligence offers processes and software designed to precisely calibrate commercially available cameras to be highly accurate, register each pixel in 3D space and create one measurable image across the field of view of multiple cameras. This translates into faster, more complete image captures that are accurate to within 2 pixels. The technology is applicable across sensor/ camera types, both passive and active, and are co-registered.

During the live event, audience members will have the opportunity to pose their own questions to the panel of experts, featured below.

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