Hexagon unveils a new vision of digital reality at CES 2020

A new cloud-based, digital reality visualization platform in the Hexagon AB booth captured the attention of CES 2020 visitors in Las Vegas, Nevada this week.

HxDR creates accurate digital representations of the real world through the seamless combination of reality capture data from airborne, ground and mobile sensors.

“We’re uniquely positioned to deliver this innovative platform due to the vast library of data captured from our world-leading sensor and visualization services portfolio,” said Ola Rollen, Hexagon President and CEO. “Moving forward, we anticipate HxDR will play a critical role in the formation of smart city and smart nation platforms that will increasingly reflect the needs of citizens today and in the future.” 

Those using the platform can view their design models of buildings or objects in the context of the real world by placing them within the platform’s collection of accurate 3D maps of cities, towns and landscapes. Users also have the ability to view designs within their own 3D maps by uploading their reality capture environments to the platform.

The platform’s advanced visualization technology is specifically designed to help industry professionals such as architects, builders, city planners, game designers and VFX producers.

“HxDR enables customers to create their own Smart Digital Realities, addressing the growing need for simple-to-create yet highly sophisticated and accurate visualizations of reality capture data that boost project efficiencies and cost savings,” said Rollen.

As the technology continues to evolve, the Hexagon team said they are exploring additional potential use cases in the future, among them autonomous air and vehicle applications.