LidarSwiss Announces Fully Automated LSAP Technology at Geo Week

DENVER, Colorado – On Tuesday, February 14, 2023, LidarSwiss Solutions GmbH, a Switzerland-based provider of high-performance LiDAR system solutions, announced at Geo Week, the leading event for the geospatial, 3D and built world, their release of the brand-new software LSAP (LiDAR Synchronous Acquisition and Processing).

During Geo Week’s “Pitch the Press” forum, LidarSwiss’ President and CTO, Robert Kletzli, presented the inner workings of the new technology. LSAP integrates the complicated data processing steps of existing LiDAR typical workflow with LidarSwiss’ proprietary algorithm, to automatically process the data on-board during data acquisition. When data acquisition is completed, the user will get the completed colorized laser point cloud data of the entire mission. The traditional processing workflow is no longer needed with this new software.

“It’s the next step toward totally automated LiDAR data acquisition and processing. With LSAP, anybody can produce professional quality RGB attributed LiDAR on every flight mission,” said Robert Kletzli. “Delivery quality RGB attributed LiDAR data is onboard processed during the flight mission and is immediately available for review and/or further processing once the UAV has landed. This data rivals post processed kinematic results in every sense.”

LSAP is geographically aware, which in turn streamlines the data collection to only the area of interest. No data is collected in the turns or ascent/descent so it’s incredibly efficient. An available option of edge-matching between flight lines is also possible.

Several years ago, LidarSwiss created 3D-Live, which is a hardware/software solution that can broadcast RGB attributed LiDAR data to any internet portal in realtime during acquisition. To this date, no other company has duplicated this ability. Leveraging what LidarSwiss learned, and incorporating new technology, LidarSwiss was able to modify, enhance, design, and build LSAP.

LSAP can be implemented on any of the wide range of sensor offerings of LidarSwiss.